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Thrilling free online multiplayer tabletop game

Business Tour is a free lively multiplayer board game where you can play up to three friends and complete daily tasks to win rewards. You also get unique opportunities like tournaments that offer more prizes. Think of it like a business simulation game that feels like Monopoly but is easier to learn, and there are multiple levels of difficulty. It's great for both kids and adults alike. 

Business Tour simulates running a company with the goal of increasing profits while avoiding bankruptcy at all costs. Up to four players can compete against each other or play cooperatively as teammates in this economic-based board game. You can download and play it on your Windows computer, Android, and iOS phone. 

Business Tour’s main features 

You can play Business Tour with up to four people, which can make for a thrilling experience with friends and family. At first glance, the board’s layout appears very similar to traditional board games of the same nature, such as Monopoly. Each player has their own avatar, and the board is divided into separate blocks. 

When playing Business Tour, you can join regular tournaments to earn extra prizes. You can link your Google or Steam account to the game for a simple login experience. Daily rewards are on offer, you can choose from over 100 unique characters and dice designs, and take part in daily tasks to unlock even more goodies like coins. 

Play with friends or alone

In this free game board, you're playing against three rivals. You can play solo and compete with three strangers or get your friends together to show them who's the real business shark. It doesn't matter if you are a newbie or experienced player - all that matters is your strategy in the game.

Play the way you want to 

In the game of Business Tour, you have a choice to play aggressively or cautiously. Choose to load up on assets and build a moderate monopoly, put all your resources into properties in order to gain as much rent as possible, or combine the two together to keep your opponents on their toes. 

Choose from over 100 unique characters and dice combinations before becoming the most recognizable monopolist in Business Tour. This game of choices lets you choose from wild and whacky characters and dice designs ranging from traditional characters to superheroes and extraordinary animals. 

Log in every day 

Business Tour comes with plenty of competitions and challenges. If you enjoy going the extra mile to unlock extra perks or want to compete against opponents in a leaderboard-style competition, there are lots of ways you can challenge yourself against other players. 

You can compete with others in the Player rating by playing free building games and using business skills to be at the top of your game. You will have a chance to get rewards when you reach certain milestones, and if you want to achieve high rankings you’ll need to come prepared with a good strategy and the ability to plan ahead. 

Is Business Tour pay to win?

The pay-to-win concept is a controversial one, and it's rather more prevalent in this free-to-play game. You can reroll your dice or get guaranteed numbered rolls if you're willing to spend some of your hard-earned coins. When playing with friends you can set your own rules regarding the extra features, which allows you to ensure no one has an unfair advantage if they have plenty of coins stashed away. 

Reveal your inner entrepreneur 

Business Tour is a fun and interactive business simulation game for anyone who wants to put their negotiating skills into practice. The rules are simple enough that children will enjoy the gameplay, while adults can get creative with strategies like conspiring against other players or announcing their own conspiracies, which may or may not be true. Business Tour was designed to be easy for beginners, but don't let that fool you. 

You'll have your hands full keeping up with the unpredictable and challenging gameplay of real opponents who are just as good at business as they are in classic tabletop games. If you hate the idea of pay-to-win mechanics you may be disappointed as it’s present here, but you can get around it by only playing with friends who agree not to use any of the mechanics. 


  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Similar to monopoly with more strategy
  • Free to play from the start
  • Has crossplay enabled
  • Play offline to practice against AI opponents


  • May feel too similar to Monopoly
  • Pay 2 win can cause frustration

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    este tare jocul si de distrezi cu prieteni tai pa like dis business tour


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